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This podcast began its life as a semi-weekly segment on the Gals of Geekdom podcast in 2019 – where Eva Webb would do solo interviews with comics creators and other interesting guests. But a short time later, it grew into its own thing, going in a different direction than the rest of the show.

In October of 2020, the show, then called Titular Characters launched, and we ran through five seasons of episodes in our first year. We had some incredible guests. It didn’t take long for us to focus on the current mission of the podcast: exploring the creative process.

And it worked! We’re presently one of the most popular podcasts in the category!

During the season 6 break, in September of 2021, we rebranded. Renaming the show, The Panel Garden. And we’ve been producing great content ever since!

Our aim as a host of this is to bring the best in all of her guests, and help them get in their comfort zones; a place where people can feel safe being brilliant, nerdy, and irreverent. Reaching that place that every guest is having a good time as their authentic selves.

We’re here for the heady conversations with creative people about the awesome stuff we all enjoy. We talk about comics, film, and the state of the world.

What is creativity?

How does the creative process work?

What brings out your passion and why?

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About Eva Webb

Eva Webb is an American podcaster and comics historian, originally from New York city. In addition to hosting this show, she was one of the founding members of Gals of Geekdom, our sister podcast, and has been a regular contributor on Nerdfect Strangers.

As a podcaster, Eva’s focus has been on nerd culture and queer culture, and queer nerd culture.

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Cover Art:

Hero board graphics and youtube thumbnails by Eva Webb.

Comics covers by the lovely and talented Luxiva. Luxiva is kind, sweet, and the most imaginative cartoonist you’ll ever meet. She’s awesome, and we love her. Her highness can be found on Twitter at: @EmpressLuxiva


speedforce musicSpeedforce Music was kind and gracious enough to provide the dramatic music and closing theme.

More on them at: https://soundcloud.com/speedforce-music

Antonia Marquee is a musician, composer, lyricist, and all-around creative genius, so full of talent and positive energy. She wrote our shiny new theme song and can be found on Instagram at: @Antoniamarquee

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About the show

The Panel Garden is an interview show, where we explore the minds and the creative processes of the comics creators and occasional other creative types you love. We cover the whole spectrum of comics creativity, from writers and pencilers to editors and inkers. We also feature hot new talent for you to sink your teeth into. Not literally though. That would be weird.

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