Join us for an exciting adventure in cyberspace!

Feeling like walking with Eva through the creative journey in cyberspace? Well, that’s awesome!

First and foremost, read and make sure you’re okay with the editorial policy. It clearly outlines the types of creators we’re interested in talking to, and boring stuff like, “hey we occasionally edit stuff,” and “we don’t platform gaters or nazis.” You know, the easy stuff. But it’s pretty conversational, and it’s not a bad read.

Need to contact us directly?

Sure, no problem. We can be reached by email at, but probably the fastest way to get a response is to contact Eva Webb directly by way of Twitter direct messaging.

When contacting us, please let us know if your project is a kickstarter or if you’re on a time sensitive campaign schedule.

Technical Details

We use Zencatr for recording the podcast. It’s super easy to use. You’ll get a link in the google calendar invite that will give you access. Presently, Zencastr does not work on mobile devices, so you’ll need a PC, and preferrable a purpose built microphone.

Things you’ll need

We ask all guests for a press kit. If you don’t have a press kit, we need some promotional art, as much or as little as you’re comfortable sharing publicly. We also ask for a representative bio, and a selfie or likeness of yourself for the Hero Board. Review copies of your comics or works are appreciated, and always accepted, but not required. Just email us that happy little bundle of content, and we’re good to go.

Availability (as of October 7th 2021)

We’re booked for the rest of October, but we still have openings in November, and December. Production time is usually four to six weeks out from time of recording to publication. We deal with a lot of interviews, and we tailor them so our guests sound amazing. Also, it’s a small team.

show art

About the show

The Panel Garden is an interview show, where we explore the minds and the creative processes of the comics creators and occasional other creative types you love. We cover the whole spectrum of comics creativity, from writers and pencilers to editors and inkers. We also feature hot new talent for you to sink your teeth into. Not literally though. That would be weird.

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