Pink Pitcher on comics production, web comics, inspiration, history, and more!

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Pink came by for a discussion about comics, print, digital, and what makes her mind work.

Guest Bio

Pink Pitcher is an Artist, Author, Seamstress, Druid, and Textile and Domestic Historian (among other titles) . She is currently publishing her first comic - Root & Branch - as an ongoing story in both print and web. She enjoys costuming and cosplay in a variety of genres, and would love to draw your RPG character.

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About the show

The Panel Garden is an interview show, where we explore the minds and the creative processes of the comics creators and occasional other creative types you love. We cover the whole spectrum of comics creativity, from writers and pencilers to editors and inkers. We also feature hot new talent for you to sink your teeth into. Not literally though. That would be weird.

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