Heather Antos on editing, team building, representation, and the beautiful alchemy of comics

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Heather joins Eva for a discussion about editing, the process of building a team, and casting a book, as well as her new project Shadowman from Valiant. As well as her new upcoming role at IDW, working on the Marvel books again. Heather is a delightful optimistic voice in the industry – you’ll have fun with this one.

Guest Bio

Heather Antos is an award-winning comic book editor and writer most known for her work on Marvel’s Star Wars and Deadpool lines, Image’s Redlands, Injection, and Bitter Root, as well as one of the co-creators of Gwenpool. She is a senior editor at Valiant Entertainment.

About Shadowman

New York Times bestselling writer CULLEN BUNN (Venom) and acclaimed artist JON DAVIS-HUNT (Clean Room) pull you into a world of horror and supernatural suspense as Jack Boniface, aka SHADOWMAN, protects humanity from the nightmares that lurk within the dimension known as the Deadside… but the barrier between Earth and the horrifying realm is tearing and gateways are popping up all around the globe. The forces of darkness are hungry for life, and only Shadowman stands in their way.

“I’m excited for people to read our new SHADOWMAN run for so many reasons,” said Cullen. “This is an approach to Shadowman that I don’t think readers have seen before. He’s more powerful now, embarking on globe-hopping adventures, and encountering threats that will have a long-lasting impact on the Valiant Universe. And these stories, while full of superheroic action, are tales of horror. Jon and Jordie are bringing these stories to life in a way that will make this book read and look unlike any other comic on the shelves. It really is shaping up into something special.”

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