Charlie Stickney on comics production and publishing, writing, and working in the medium

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Charley Stickney came by to talk to eva about the mechanics of publishing comics, as well as Scout Comics, and their mission. He also talked about writing, producing television, and the joys of family life. It’s a fantastic show.

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Here’s a bio… Charlie Stickney is Co-Publisher of Scout Comics, and writer of comics like White Ash, Glarien, The Game and The Adept. A twenty-year veteran of the non-comic Entertainment Industry, Charlie produced the award-winning documentary The Entertainers and helped create the animated series Horrible Histories and Cosmic Quantum Ray.

Charlie’s career in comics started with an internship in the editorial offices of Marvel. After a prolonged dalliance creating stories with pictures that move, Stickney has happily returned to his favorite medium. Charlie lives in Los Angeles with his amazing wife and two (mostly) lovely children.

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The Panel Garden is an interview show, where we explore the minds and the creative processes of the comics creators and occasional other creative types you love. We cover the whole spectrum of comics creativity, from writers and pencilers to editors and inkers. We also feature hot new talent for you to sink your teeth into. Not literally though. That would be weird.

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