Mark Bernal on comics publishing, the creative process, ethics and team building

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Mark talked to Eva about the exciting project that is Lesser Known Comics! They went over team building, ethics reforms, and driving industry standards. Mark is interested in the work, the fans, and building better comics by building better collaborative teams.

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Mark Bernal grew up near Oakland, CA, and spent the last 17 years serving in the Department of Defense. During 2020, he began working with various illustrators to create the first pages of Lesser Known Comics. Since then, Lesser Known Comics has grown to a fourteen-person company with writers and artists in New York, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, California, and Washington (as well as artists in Argentina and Spain) .

The company’s mission goal is to not only make great comics, but also change the industry standards for how comic book artists are treated. Lesser Known Comics prioritizes ensuring that artists have among the most favorable contracts in the industry that focus on giving them the most creative freedom, best work/life balance, and the strongest collective bargaining rights.

Lastly, Lesser Known Comics is making every effort to make their comic book exclusively available through local comic book shops. Lesser Known Comics would rather send readers a free comic book to pick-up at their local comic book shop than distribute their comics on Amazon.

In March of 2021, Lesser Known Comics began releasing its first comic books that are available for download on The first issues from Lesser Known Comics are available at local comic book stores now!

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