H.S Tak on surviving Mars, seamless storytelling, and world building with science

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H.S. Tak came by to talk about mars, authoritarianism, science, and serving the red planet. He also talked about his background in film, and the process of writing comics.

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Every decade so far we’ve been able to work together, pool our scant available resources, and send an explorer into space. We pinned our hopes and dreams on these voyages. That one of these Travelers might return with news of a new world. But none have ever come back. And now we are out of time. Mars is out of water. We have one last chance but its a long shot. Our best Astronaut suffers PTSD. We’re counting on him to bring back news of air, water, life. If not, this our last stand. On this cold, breathless, desolate planet.

Guest Bio

Writer and Creator HS Tak @hstronic is an award winning filmmaker and writer. His 1st book called BOY-1 came out in 2016 by IDW. It’s followed by REDSHIFT which launched in May through Scout Comics, and will be available in comic book stores everywhere and at Scoutcomics.com.

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